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Gilmore Girls

Hello! This blog is dedicated to Gilmore Girls, one of the best TV shows ever!
- All the gifs are mine, unless stated otherwise, so, please, DO NOT repost.
- I am very bad at keeping this blog updated because I'm incredibly lazy so I DON'T TAKE REQUESTS because then it leaves me with the feeling of guilt when I don't do them and I AM SO SO SORRY

'Oh, come on! We'll drink a couple of beers, we'll sing painting songs.'

Anonymous inquired: "good gilmore girls blogs?"

lukesdiner, gilmored, gilmorisms, you-lost-me-at-carrots
There’s more of them but I couldn’t really think of any more blogs, hope you like these though ^^

also sorry fot the late reply!

cuz-im-awesome inquired: "Is there any chance you could make a gif of when Lorelai says, "Reality has absolutely no place in our world." during epsiode 4x01? Thanks if your able to."

I don’t have much time now but I’ll do it as soon as possible! :)